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About Katie

Hey, I'm Katie! I grew up in Norfolk, lived in London and moved to Vietnam before deciding to live on both edges of France, spending my summers ON THE WEST COAST OF FRANCE and my winters in THE Alpine SKI RESORT OF Morzine.  

the way i see it, food shouldn't just be a part of your event, it should be a talking point. It should be a centrepiece and a conversation starter, a moment for people to be stopped in their tracks simply to say "ahhhhhhhh", just as they would when watching fireworks dance across the night sky, and that's what I strive for every time. It's what makes me stand out in the kitchen. 


Dinner parties, CHALET CATERING, DELIVERIES TO YOUR DOOR OR COOKED IN FRONt OF YOU, Family Do's, supper clubs, Corporate events, Or Just those days you can't Cope with cooking because, well, last night was a little more fun than you'd anticipated!! I Cater for every occasion.


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